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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000

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Information and Updates on the Status of Services
Date Affected Services Notes
12/27/13 LISTSERV Lists We are running into significant problems getting LISTSERV v1.8e to run on Windows 2008 R2, which is the new web server's operating system. At this time we are looking into alternative software options and then we will weigh the cost associated with upgrading the LISTSERV software vs. installing a different list server vs. utilizing our IMail software for all lists we host. A decision will be made shortly and customers will be notified via email. Any customer needing to use their list should contact and request to have a backup list setup on the IMail server.
12/26/13 IMail Lists IMail was upgraded to IMail Premium version 12.3, which is the most recent version offered by IPSwitch. This upgrade will enable us to install a new archiving feature and includes the industry’s leading premium anti-spam technology from Commtouch.

To administer your lists, please login directly to List Administration at:

If using your own domain, substitute it for in the above URL, or login at the above URL with your complete admin email address, username@yourdomain.

There is a problem with the login form for WebMail (, so temporarily you will not be able to login via WebMail to access List Administration.

12/23/13 LISTSERV Lists After the day's installation of Windows Updates by our server host, BodHost, at 1:00AM CST the server would not reboot. After attempting several fixes in order to reboot the server over a period of 3 hours, it was determined the hard drive was no longer functional and the server would need to be replaced. Informational emails were sent to LISTSERV customers throughout the day on 12/24/13. A new Windows 2008 web server was brought online and the process of configuring the server, installing all the necessary programs, and transferring over all the data files began. Because of the Christmas Holiday, both BodHost and WebHelps were shorthanded. The server configuration took more than 12 hours. Most of (the support ticketing system is down) and LISTSERV were operational by 7:00pm CST on 12/24/13. LISTSERV was operating normally via email (see information and instructions), but its web interface, LISTSERV Online, still needed configuration, including additional settings changes by BodHost to be functional. Our CEO, Michelle Wilbers, sent everyone home for the XMas Holiday. Work on the migration will resume at 7am CST on 12/26/13. If you require assistance, please contact the support department via email at We thank you for your patience.
Ongoing IMail Lists, LISTSERV Lists IMail and LISTSERV Lists are a form of bulk email. Bulk email, particularly if in HTML and/or if it contains attachments, is heavily scrutinized by the anti-spam filters of receiving email servers, because nearly all spam is sent via bulk email. Therefore, list mail is frequently mistaken for spam and auto-deleted by subscribers' email service providers. To prevent this from occurring, subscribers should contact the support departments for their email service providers and let them know they wish to receive all email sent from the List. Subscribers will need to provide the following information to their support department about the List:
Sending Mail Server:
Sending IP Address:

If you or your organization has a web site and/or a printed newsletter, we highly recommend you post these Subscriber Instructions. LISTSERV administrators can also edit their List's archive homepage to include them.

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