Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our services, you may close your account during the first 30 calendar days* and we will happily refund 100% of your subscription fees, minus a $10.95 closing fee if you did not pay a non-refundable setup fee when you opened your account.
If you paid a quarterly, annual, or bi-annual subscription fee and close your account thirty (30) days or more prior to your next billing date, we will credit you with the last subscription fee paid, minus the total months or partial months elapsed, times the regular monthly subscription fee. In other words, if you paid quarterly, annually, and bi-annually and close your account early, you will pay only for the time your account was open, but you will be charged at the regular monthly rate. Additionally, if you did not pay a non-refundable account setup fee when your account was opened, we will deduct a $10.95 closing fee from your refund.
Important Exceptions: Setup Fees, Closing Fees, and fees charged for Extras are non-refundable, without exception. No refunds, under any circumstances, will be made for Domain Name Service fees, including but not limited to, domain application fees, domain registration fees, SSL certificates, and all GeoTrust or SBS products/services.
No other refunds will be made, whether you have used your account or not.
You must close your account to receive a refund and/or stop further subscription fees from being billed to your credit card or PayPal account, as applicable. To close your account, you must submit a Help Ticket notifying your Support Team that you want to close your account. Your Support Team will then confirm receipt of your request via email. It is very important that you receive this confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation of your close account request within 48 business hours, please resubmit your request. This is the ONLY way to close an account. This procedure is required in order to verify your identity as the owner of the account.
Also see our Billing Policy and Subscription Agreement for information regarding the payment of subscription fees.
* If you need more time to evaluate our service(s), you may request an extension of the money-back guarantee period by submitting a Help Ticket. We generally honor all reasonable requests.
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