Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
IMail® List Service  |  LISTSERV® List Service  |  Domains & Secure Certificates
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000

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Unlimited emails and archives! Free domain! Free 100mb of web space!
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Inexpensive Email Newsletters and Discussion Lists. Fast & Easy to Setup and Manage. Guaranteed Reliable!

Need a list that practically runs itself?
Need features not offered by IMail®?
Check out our LISTSERV® List Service
Email Lists are one of the most popular methods of Internet-based communication. By using a list server, you can easily manage your list of subscribers, while protecting the privacy of your subscribers' email addresses. Setup an email discussion list to help your organization's members communicate on a regular basis. Send email newsletters to your customers or group quickly and easily. List servers let you send one email and have it distributed to everyone on your list in seconds. You can make money by selling advertising space or promoting affiliate products/services on list emails.
As a list owner, you can
  • send thousands of messages almost instantly,
  • and have them delivered to subscribers in seconds.
  • Subscribers' email addresses are kept confidential.
  • Use HTML to include pictures and sounds.
  • Easily disburse documents by including attachments.
Choose from these domains to use with your IMail® list:
Or use your domain!
Setup your email list as a:
  • announcement list (a/k/a newsletter, mailing list): the list administrator-only can send mail to everyone subscribed to the list
  • discussion list: everyone subscribed to the list can receive mail from, and send mail to, all other subscribers via the list address.
  • moderated discussion list: anyone can send mail to the list moderator, who then forwards the mail to all subscribers via the list address.
Think of announcement lists as one-way communications and discussion lists as two-way communications.
Quick Feature List
  • Public Lists
  • Announcement Lists
  • Subscriber Lists
  • Moderated Lists
  • Password-Protected Lists
  • Digest Option
  • Use Your Domain or Subdomain
  • Headers and Trailers
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited Archives
  • Ad-Free
  • Custom Inbound Mail Filters
  • Subscription Management Forms
  • Post Using Online Form or Email
  • Plain Text or HTML
  • - click here to view the full feature list -
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