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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000

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Advanced tools make list management quick and easy!
Feature Description
General Features
Use Your Domain Use your domain with your lists for FREE. [Info]
Multiple Default Domain Choices If not using your own domain, choose from several default domain choices:
Unlimited Subscribers No limit on the number of subscribers
Unlimited Posts No limit on the number of posts (emails) that may be sent via the list
Unlimited Archives No limit on the size of the archive file. All list posts may be archived.
Administrative Features
Supports All List Types LISTSERV® supports all types of email lists, including:
  • One-Way Lists: LISTSERV supports one-way lists, including newsletters and announcement lists.
  • Discussion Lists: LISTSERV supports discussion lists, which allow for ongoing discussions among members, with or without moderation.
  • Moderated Lists: LISTSERV supports moderated lists, which are discussion lists where moderators must approve all messages before they are delivered to subscribers.
Web Interface LISTSERV's Web interface greatly simplifies email list and server site management, allowing you to administer your lists from anywhere on the Internet.
Moderation Sharing LISTSERV allows for moderation sharing, which means that moderation duties can be shared among multiple designated moderators.
Customization LISTSERV's Web Interface, including List Archives, can be completely customized to fit seamlessly with your existing Website, allowing you to maintain a uniform look and feel for your entire Web presence.
Customizable Mail Templates Mail templates, including subscription confirmations, welcome and good-bye messages and other administrative messages can be fully customized or translated.

Virus Protection LISTSERV® is the only software of its kind with built-in virus protection. The system scans all messages for viruses before delivery, keeping your lists safe and secure.
Control Subscription Requests List administrators have the flexibility to control the requests for list subscription as they desire. Lists can be completely open to anyone, for immediate and automatic subscriptions without any form of authorization. Alternatively, the list administrator may want to pre-authorize all list subscriptions. The authorization process may even include a questionnaire that is formulated by the list administrator, or may just be as simple as an automatic forwarding of the request to the list administrator for approval. Lastly, lists may be closed to the public where only the list administrator can add members to the list.
Control Posting List administrators have the flexibility to control who may post messages to the list. Lists may be configured so that anyone, only subscribers, only certain editors, or only the administrator can send messages.
Limit Posting Size List administrators have the ability to limit the size of e-mail messages and any attachments. This feature avoids large messages and attachments to overburden the list and mailing list server.
Automatic Bounce Handling LISTSERV® automatically takes care of virtually all email delivery errors, or bounces. This saves the list administrators time, making email list management easier and more manageable. List administrators will especially appreciate the automatic bounce processing feature that takes care of virtually all e-mail delivery errors without human intervention. The remaining bounces are irregular types of bounces that have to be handled manually by the list administrator.
List Subscription Renewal The automatically timed list subscription renewal feature keeps the list member's subscription and e-mail addresses up-to-date.
List Security Options LISTSERV includes comprehensive list security options. Email lists can be completely open to the public or closed so that only the list owner can add subscribers. Choose from several levels of list security from minimal to very secure.
List Configuration List administrators may configure their list for open group discussions, moderated discussions, or they may want to only review the messages of selected list members. Lists may also be configured for one-way distribution only. This is a popular configuration for lists among media customers who wish to only broadcast their news. Lists can also be set up as an "auto-responder" type list where an automatic response is sent whenever a message is received.
Email Delivery Options List owners can configure the e-mail delivery options, prime times, control of various mail headers such as Reply-To:, Sender: (but not From:)
Super-List and Sub-Lists List owners can create and define a list as a "super-list" (as in opposite of sub-list). The super-list is a "container" list that includes all the subscribers of a predefined set of sub-lists. The super-list and each sub-list are individual lists, so multiple lists are required to configure lists in this fashion. [more info]
Email Delivery and Access List owners can limit the list's e-mail delivery and access to a local domain area or to a specifically defined range of IP addresses.
Filters Attachment Filter: The attachment filter allows list owners to determine which types of attachments are permissible and which types should be filtered and denied.

Content Filter: The content filter can be configured by the list owner to automatically reject messages with certain unwanted or inappropriate content from getting posted to a list.

Spam Filter: The built-in spam filters detect and keep unwanted spam from reaching your email lists.
Integrated Virus Protection LISTSERV is the only software of its kind with built-in virus protection. The system scans all messages for viruses before delivery, keeping your lists safe and secure from harmful viruses.
File Archives List owners can offer File archives that contain information about their list such as Knowledge Base, the list's netiquette guidelines and list description.
Limit Access to Information List owners can limit the access to information about the list subscribers to prevent address "harvesting."
Topic Subscriptions List owners have the flexibility to set and change their list's topics. Topics allow list owners to establish sublists based on a narrower aspect of the subject matter. Subscribers can then subscribe to the topics in which they are interested and only receive messages that are related to the topic. Archives can be sorted by topic for quick and easy viewing.
Total Daily Messages List owners can set the limit of total daily messages to the list and per list user.
Subscriber Activity Reports LISTSERV can create subscriber activity reports that show the number of posted messages, subscriptions and signoffs as well as other subscriber activities.
List Configuration Reports List owners can generate reports and manage the configuration of all lists on a single screen.
List Administration Wizards The list administration wizards provide list owners with a user-friendly interface to modify list configuration settings.
Comprehensive Online Help Screens Comprehensive online help screens and step-by-step instructions are available throughout the Web interface.
Moderators and Editors List owners can define and quickly change the list's moderators and editors.
Change-Log Viewing the list's "change-log," list owners can monitor the list's activities such as the number of posts and the people joining and leaving the list.
HTML/Plain Text Posting Send either plain text or HTML to the list. List administrators can set their list to prohibit HTML.
List Subscriber Features
Post to the List List users can easily post to lists through the built-in web interface, or via email.
Subscribe/Unsubscribe List users can easily subscribe and unsubscribe to lists through the built-in web interface, or via email.
Automatic Reconfirm (a/k/a Double Opt-In Support) As a security measure, lists are usually configured (by the list administrator) to automatically reconfirm the requests of list subscriptions (double opt-in). This action verifies the e-mail addresses of the recipients and their desire to join the list. This feature prevents third party spamming.
Subscription Modes Users may select how often they prefer to receive messages posted to the list.
  • Single messages: List subscriber will receive the e-mail messages individually and immediately after they are posted to the list.
  • Digest mode: List subscriber will receive one posting that includes all the individual messages delivered during that digest cycle, which can be set to daily or weekly cycles.
  • Index mode: Similar to the digest mode, the list subscriber will receive one posting that contains an index of the subject topics for all messages distributed during that digest cycle. Subsequently, the list subscriber may retrieve any message(s) of interest.
Topics If the Topics feature is activated, list users may easily join/leave the list's sub-topics.
Acknowledgements Users may select if and how they want to receive acknowledgement of their postings to the list.
Mail/NoMail With the MAIL/NOMAIL feature, list users can easily suspend/resume list message delivery during vacation periods.
Change Email Address List users can quickly change the e-mail address with which they are subscribed to the list without having to perform the two steps of unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the list.
Search List Archives LISTSERV's powerful search engine for the list archives includes search structures such as boolean logic, 'sounds like', exact match or 'fuzzy match' (near match), complex and compound structures.
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