ColdFushion MX: A Powerful Web Application
ColdFusion MX provides you with the ability to build and deploy powerful web applications and web services with far less training time and fewer lines of code than ASP or PHP.

Some benefits to using ColdFusion MX include:

ColdFusion MX delivers powerful Internet capabilities within an easy-to-learn and highly productive server scripting environment. ColdFusion MX contains:

  • An intuitive tag-based language requiring fewer lines of code by handling low-level programming tasks automatically and simplifying code reuse.
  • A new server-side ActionScript enabling Macromedia Flash developers to use the same scripting language for both client and server logic.
  • Complete support for new ColdFusion MX features within the Dreamweaver MX development environment, including powerful visual layout and prototyping, enhanced code editing and development capabilities, and integrated debugging.

ColdFusion MX provides a robust architecture and rich set of built-in capabilities that deliver high performance and scalability and enhance your applications with advanced functionality.

  • Fully integrated application services for adding full-text search, dynamic charting, and high-performance connectivity to Macromedia Flash clients to your applications.
  • Innovative architecture that delivers the scalability, reliability, and power of the Java™ platform without the complexity.