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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000

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Overview List Owner's
Use your domain or subdomain with all your IMail® Lists!
A free domain is included with your new account. During signup, you may select to use your free domain with your IMail® Lists.
One-Time Setup Fee More IMail® Domain Extras
The setup fee does not apply if you selected to use your free domain with your Lists or to transfer your domain to our registration/hosting service for use with your Lists.
If you have elected to archive List posts (emails), the link to your IMail® List Archives will use also use your domain.
Unlike most companies offering this service, we charge only a one-time setup fee of $10.00 (rather than a monthly or annual fee), which is waived if you are using our domain registration and hosting service.
Included FREE: Matching email accounts. This can be particularly useful for list subscribers who have trouble sending/receiving list mail with their regular email account.
These instructions do not apply if you select to use your free domain or your transferred domain with your IMail® Lists, because we will automatically configure your domain's DNS for use with your Lists.
OPTION A: You *must* follow steps A1-A4 below, if your domain is being used in any way (i.e. a web site or email). If your domain is NOT in use, you may use either Option A or Option B.
A1. Contact your domain host's support department (usually where you registered your domain), or use the online domain management forms (Domain Manager) provided by your domain host.
A2. Create an A Record subdomain, such as,, or You may not use the words listserv or listserve in your subdomain, as "listserv" is a registered trademark owned by LSoft International.
A3. If you plan to have us enable the archives feature for your Lists, also create the subdomain,
A4. Point both subdomains' Hostname A Records to IP Also create an MX Record for your lists' subdomain. Use as the target. Do NOT create an MX record for your archives' subdomain.
NOTE: This is the most common method for using your domain with your lists.
OPTION B: If your domain is NOT in use, you may follow Steps B1 and B2 below, or use Option A above, as you prefer:
B1. Contact your domain host's support department (usually where you registered your domain), or use the online domain management forms (Domain Manager) provided by your domain host.
B2. Edit your domain's Host Records as follows:
  • Create an A Record for that points to IP
  • Create a CNAME Record for that resolves to
  • Create an MX Record for that points to
  • Note: Eudora users will not be able to send mail to the list using your domain/subdomain, unless (a) they disable the SMTP check Eudora performs prior to sending an email [instructions], or (b) you have added the IMail® IP/Anti-Spam Extra to your domain/subdomain.
    We must manually setup your domain/subdomain on the IMail® and archive servers. Custom IMail® List Domain orders are completed in the order received. We guarantee to have your domain setup within two (2) business days. If you require expedited service, please submit a Help Ticket explaining your need.
    To easily check to make sure your domain/subdomain is pointed correctly, after propagation go to, and perform a DNS search for your domain/subdomain. To test your domain/subdomain's MX Record and ability to send emails to your domain/subdomain, run an Email Verification Test on the address,
    Domain Aliases:
    If your domain is commonly mispelled, you may want to register the mispelled version and use it with your Lists as well. Or, maybe you have both the .net and .com versions of a domain, and you want to be able to use either with your Lists. In these instances, you will want us to setup the second domain as an Alias of the first. You may have several aliases, which can be either domains or subdomains. One-time Setup Fee: $1.00/alias
    With this Extra, your Custom IMail® List Domain is setup to send/receive mail on a dedicated IP address. Without this Extra, your domain is setup as a virtual domain on the mail server's general IP, which is shared by many other lists. With this Extra in place, should the general IP get blacklisted due to spamming activity by other customers, your lists will not be affected. Having your own IP will also allow you to participate in AOL's Whitelist.
    Incoming mail to your IP will not be processed by the general mail server's anti-spam service. Your domain will have its own anti-spam service, over which you will have administrative control. This can be very important if your list is on an "adult," medical, or financial topic, or you are running a "sales & specials" type newsletter. Otherwise, you may have problems with list mail being bounced as spam by the general mail server. Costs as little as $2.57/month
    Subscriber Maintenance Utilities:
    There are 3 utilities that can be installed for your list. (Utility 1) If you receive a lot of "unknown user" or "unknown host" bounces for your list, having a utility installed that will automatically remove the bad addresses from your list is a real time saver. Utilities can also be installed to make it much easier for people to subscribe (Utility 2) to and unsubscribe (Utility 3) from your list. Often, people have trouble following the regular instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing. With the subscribe and/or unsubscribe utilities installed, people have only to send an email to specified email addresses to be subscribed or unsubscribed. They will not have to type anything in the body or subject of the email. (The email they send may say anything or nothing.) For instance, in your list email's footer, you can instruct people to forward the email to the specified address to unsubscribe. Cost: $5.00/list (for all 3 Utilities)
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