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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000
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Affordable Email Lists and Domains since 2000

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PRICES FROM JUST $2.95/mo! IMail® List Prices
In order for a copy of all posts to be sent to the archives folder for a List, it is necessary for the address,, to be subscribed to the List, and for archives to be enabled by your Support Team. Any time you want to turn off the archives feature, simply remove this address from the list of subscribers.

To provide a method for viewing the Archives, you will need to create a web page that contains the following HTML code:

<table cellpadding=4 cellspacing=0 width=100%> <tr><td style="padding-top:10px" class=title>List Archives</td></tr> <tr><td>Copies of past issues of the LISTNAME List are listed below. Click the link to view the selected copy. Use your browser's [Back] button to return to the archives directory after viewing a post.</td></tr> <tr><td style="padding-top:10px"><IFRAME SRC="" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=400> If you can see this, your browser does not understand IFRAME. <A HREF="" target="_blank">Click here</A> to view the LISTNAME Archives.</IFRAME></td></tr></table>

If you do not have a web site, you may upload the page to your free web space at If you prefer to use your own domain/subdomain with your free web space, contact your Support Team.
The number one cause that disrupts the archives are extremely large emails. These will cause the archives to "stick" when the program encounters them in the archive mailbox. One way to avoid this from happening is to impose a size limitation (no larger than 500kb) on posts. You set the Maximum Message Size in online List Administration under Add/Edit List, General Options.
In order to change an image file's size and/or dimensions, you need an image editor. We recommend a little, easy-to-use image editor called IrfanView. It's a free program that can be downloaded from IrfanView. After you've installed IrfanView on your computer, start up the program. Locate an image file on your computer than needs to be optimized for the Web. Drag a copy of the file onto the IrfanView screen. The image will display on the IrfanView screen in its actual size (how it would look on a web page). Follow these steps to optimize:
  1. Click the "Image" link at the top of IrfanView
  2. Select "Resize/Resample"
  3. At the bottom of the left side of the screen is a field that shows the current DPI and lets you change it. Change it to 72.
  4. Use one of the various methods on the screen to make the image the size (dimensions) you want it to be when it displays on your Web page. This will be self-explanatory when you see it. Be sure to keep "preserve aspect ratio" checked.
  5. Click the OK button
    The image will be displaying in its new size in IrfanView. If you don't like the new size and want to make it bigger or smaller, then
  6. Click the Edit link at the top of IrfanView, then click "Undo"
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 above.
    When the image is the size you want it to be,
  8. Click the File link at the top of IrfanView, then click "Save" or "Save As" depending upon whether you want to keep a copy of the original image or not. If you don't need a copy of the original to be saved, select "Save" and click OK to overwrite the existing image file. If you need to keep a copy, select "Save As" and give the image you just created a new filename. Be sure the filename does not contain any spaces or special characters!

We recommend you post the above image editing instructions, or a link to the instructions (, to your list. Subscribers can use these instructions to keep the size of graphic attachments to a minimum.

As for other very large attachments that need to be distributed to subscribers, you can upload files to your free web space. Because directory browsing has been enabled, you could create a folder called "Documents" and upload all files to be distributed to that folder. If you do *not* put a default page (e.g. index.html) in the Documents folder, when the folder is accessed via a browser link (e.g., a list of the uploaded files in that folder will display, along with the date/time they were uploaded, the name of the file, and a link to view and/or download the file. Storage is limited to 100MB. [FTP Instructions for File Uploading]

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